Sonic Skate Plaza Madrid, 2013

Sonic Skate Plaza is an intervention in public space where La Plaza de Las Letras (Madrid) becomes a scenario for a "skated orchestra"; an interface that generates sound compositions from the activity of the skate, used as an instrument.

Video and Audio Edit from the original live piece plus clean triggered audio tracks from the Sep 6th, 2013 event. Supported by MediaLab Prado and Connecting Cities.

Concept: Pablo Serret de Ena. Programming & Development: Daniel P García, Fernando Lozano, José Manuel González, Reza Safavi
Audio Tracks: Hugo Sierra
Audio Programming: Sergio Galán.
Cameras: Raúl González, Jose Machines Desirantes.Demo Skaters: David Gegúndez,
Jose Veliz “Darrel”, Miguel Acosta

Big Thanx
: Ales UFO, Sergio, collaborators, Gorka, Guillermo, Nerea, every single name in this video, people at MediaLab Prado and everyone who showed up to skate.